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Dog Friendly Clinic Accreditation

By December 14, 2023 Greenbay Vet News

Greenbay Vets has joined the Dog Friendly Clinic Scheme to provide positive visits for pet dogs!

We have been an accredited Cat Friendly Clinic for many years, so were excited when the Dog Friendly Clinic Scheme was launched by Dogs Trust and the British Veterinary Behaviour Association (BVBA), to ensure the most comfortable veterinary care experience possible for dogs and their owners.

Many dogs find vet visits stressful, which can result in them being unwilling to enter clinics, being difficult to examine, and worried during treatment. The Dog Friendly Clinic scheme helps practice staff develop dog behaviour knowledge and skills so they can recognise and address early signs of anxiety and improve the welfare of dogs whilst in the clinic. This means improved safety for staff and customers and helps the client-clinic bond.

Through the scheme created by Dogs Trust and the BVBA, canine experts provide the tools for clinic staff to learn more about dog behaviour, including how pain and health conditions can be contributing factors to behaviour, and how to reduce the impact of visiting the vet for dogs.

Through the subscription service, available to all veterinary professionals, advice is provided on how to help dogs remain calm in clinics as well as guidance for dog owners on preparing their pets in advance.

Application for the scheme was led by Registered Veterinary Nurse, Laura Holderness, who holds an additional qualification in animal behaviour, and runs our dog behaviour first aid clinics.

“By becoming a dog-friendly clinic our team are committed to optimising our knowledge, skills and resources to ensure vet visits are positive for both dogs and clients. Our clinic team will also benefit from a better understanding of dog behaviour, helping them prevent the development of problems, spot issues early, help owners with up-to-date advice, and have a safer working environment.”

To find out more about the Dog Friendly Clinic Scheme visit www.dogfriendlyclinic.org.uk

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