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Price List

Below you will find our current prices for common appointment types (all prices are inclusive of VAT at 20%).

You can book routine appointments online, or give us a call on 01803 606059 (Torquay) or 843836 (Paignton).

Puppy and kitten vaccinations – see our puppy and kitten page for details of what is included

  • Kitten vaccination course with feline leukaemia virus vaccine £85
  • Kitten vaccination course without feline leukaemia virus vaccine £70
  • Puppy vaccination course without kennel cough vaccine £85
  • Puppy vaccination course with kennel cough vaccine £100

Adult dog vaccinations – includes an annual health check by the veterinary surgeon

  • Full booster (DHP and leptospirosis) £65 – this is required at 1 year old, then every 3 years
  • Lepto only booster £55 – this is required in the years in between the full booster
  • Kennel cough vaccine – £55, or £23 if given at the same time as booster injection

Adult cat vaccinations – includes an annual health check by the veterinary surgeon

  • Cat booster (flu and enteritis only) £55 – recommended annually for most cats
  • Cat booster (flu, enteritis and feline leukaemia virus) £65 – recommended annually for cats going outside

For more information about the importance of vaccinations in dogs and cats, see our fact sheet.

You can spread the cost of your pet’s annual booster and flea/worm treatment, and save money, by joining our Complete Care Club.

Rabbit vaccination – includes an annual health check by the veterinary surgeon

  • Annual vaccination against Myxomatosis, RVHD-1 and RVHD-2 £70


  • Standard vet consultation Mon-Sat normal working hours £55.00
  • Re-examination £47.50
  • Medication check £47.50

Any further diagnostics or treatment will be in addition, the vet can provide the options/estimates as required.

Microchip implantation

  • £18.80 (standard mini-chip)
  • £30 (bio-therm – can be used to read body temperature)

Anal gland expression

  • £27.50, or £15 if done at the same time as a vaccination or other appointment type

Nail clips

  • Cats £17.50
  • Dogs £20
  • Small furries £15

For operations/hospitalisation of patients we will always provide an estimate as to the probable costs of investigations and treatment, but please bear in mind that animals do not always follow the textbook so an estimate can only be approximate. We will endeavour to keep you informed as to the costs of your pet’s treatment.

For information about pet insurance click here.