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New food in stock

By January 12, 2023 Greenbay Vet News

Those of you who buy your dog or cat’s food from us, or who have seen the waiting room recently, may have noticed we are stocking a new range of food – Virbac Veterinary HPM.

We can still order Hills food, but no longer keep very much in stock, so please order in advance of you running out. We get deliveries every weekday, and you can order via our website, by phone or via WhatsApp.

We made the decision to stock Virbac Veterinary HPM as we felt their range was simple to understand, and with a broad range of patient benefits. We tried the food in our own pets and were really happy with the palatability. They have a simple loyalty discount scheme to save you money if you choose to purchase in the practice, and you can also purchase their food online for home delivery.

Benefits of the range:

  • Low carbohydrate, high protein formula
  • High palatability
  • A range of health benefits depending on lifestage diet e.g. body weight control, dental/tartar control, and joint support.
  • A range of clinical diets to help pets with health problems such as kidney disease.

To find out more about their range see their website: https://uk.virbac.com/home/veterinary-hpm.html. For advice about what to feed your pet ask for a call with our Nutrition Advocate, Registered Veterinary Nurse, Laura Sproul. You can also check out her articles on our website.

If making a change to a different food brand, please make sure the transition is a gradual one, to avoid giving your pet an upset tummy.

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