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Keeping your pet healthy in 2023

By January 3, 2023 Greenbay Vet News

Happy New Year to all our patients and their owners!

If one of your resolutions is to keep your pet healthy, here are some tips…

Keeping your pet’s teeth healthy

Prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure! Just like with humans, looking after your pet’s teeth can prevent expensive dental treatment further down the line.

Find our more about dog and cat dental healthcare here. If you would like, book a free dental check with one of nurses.

Rabbits also suffer from dental disease, and for them diet is the key to preventing issues. You can read more here.

Keeping your pet a healthy weight

Obesity in pets can exacerbate many health problems, such as arthritis in dogs and cats, and diabetes and urinary issues in cats.

You can read more in our blog article here.

If you would like your pet’s weight checked, or advice with how to help them lose weight, book your pet in for a free weight clinic with one of our nurses.

Protecting your pet from fatal diseases with vaccination

If your dog, cat or rabbit hasn’t visited us in the last 12 months for an annual health check and booster vaccination they may be unprotected against serious disease.

You can read more about the importance of vaccination in dogs, and cats in our articles. Rabbits should be vaccinated against myxomatosis, RHDV-1 and RHDV-2, all fatal diseases, annually.

The annual health check is also a great opportunity for the vet to give your pet a full health examination, and pick up any issues early on.

If you are not sure if your pet is up to date give us a call, or contact us via WhatsApp.

Screening your older cat for disease

Cats are masters at hiding disease, which is why annual screening is recommended for older cats to help us pick up diseases earlier and therefore improve outcomes.

Annual blood pressure screening is recommended for all cats over the age of 7. If your cat is a member of our Complete Care Club this is included in your plan, just ask for it to be done at your cat’s annual vaccination or 6 month health check appointment. You can also book your cat in for a blood pressure check with one of our nurses – the price for non members is £37.58.

We are here to help keep your pet healthy, not just treat them when they are sick, so make use of our knowledgeable team!

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