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Microchipping Month

Hopefully everyone is now aware that it is a legal requirement for dogs over 8 weeks of age to be microchipped and for the owner details on the microchip database to be kept up to date.

At Greenbay Vets, we believe all pet cats should also be microchipped, and this may become the law soon too.  If a stray cat is brought in to us, one of the first things we do is scan for a microchip. Microchipping can usually be performed in a short appointment with the vet or a qualified veterinary nurse; alternatively it can be done while your cat is under anaesthesia for neutering.  For the system to work, it is vital that your contact details with the microchip company are up to date – you as the owner have to do this, we cannot do it for you.

If you want to check if your pet is already microchipped, pop them in for us to scan.  We can also find out which microchip company your pet is registered with and advise how you can update your details, if you are not sure how to do this.

We offer a standard microchip for £16 and use ‘mini’ chips so the needle is as small as possible! We also offer a ‘bio-therm’ microchip, which can be used to read your pet’s temperature, for £28. You can book your dog or cat in for a microchip here.  If your pet is already microchipped, make sure your details on the database are up to date.

For more information on the importance of microchipping in cats, click here.

It is not just dogs and cats that can be microchipped! We can also microchip exotic pets e.g. tortoises – for some species this is a legal requirement, as well as enabling them to be reunited with you should they wander off. To book your exotic pet in for microchipping, please give us a call on 01803 606059.


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