Aug 10 2020

Rabbit Awareness Week 2020

This year Rabbit Awareness Week is a ‘Virtual Festival’, taking place between 10th-23rd August. The aim is to raise awareness around the 5 welfare needs of rabbits.

The five welfare needs are:

  1. Diet – grass or good quality hay should make up the vast majority of a pet rabbit’s diet.
  2. Environment – rabbits need a safe place to live, with enough space, shelter and enrichment.
  3. Behaviour – rabbits need to be able to express natural behaviours.
  4. Companionship – rabbits are sociable creatures. 
  5. Health – pet rabbits should have a health check with a vet at least once a year. Pet rabbits should be vaccinated against myxomatosis and RVHD. It is also advisable to neuter pet rabbits.

You can learn about each of these areas on the Rabbit Awareness Week website.

We also have a rabbit fact sheet you can take a look at here.

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