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Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month – why I chose this career

In this article, student veterinary nurse Becca Talbott gives an insight into why she chose veterinary nursing as a career.

Why I chose to become a Veterinary Nurse

Veterinary nursing, I believe, is one of the most rewarding jobs out there.  This is why I chose to venture into this career sector – playing with puppies and kittens occasionally is obviously an added bonus!

I will not lie to you, some lows surround this job that can make getting through the day difficult, but the highs outweigh these. There is no better feeling than going home proud of yourself and your amazing veterinary team, for watching an animal in poor health walking out the front door with their tail wagging and the smile that puts on their owner’s face. That feeling is one of the reasons this job is amazing and why I say to anyone considering it as a career path to give it a go, come and do some work experience and see the amazing day to day workings of the practice and how no day is ever the same; you won’t be disappointed!

There are so many opportunities within this job that can feed any sector of curiosity you may have. Every day is a learning day even for the most experienced person in the practice. What other jobs could make you come home and say “today I pulled a pair of knickers out of a dog’s stomach” or that “today I got to hold a monkey and monitor their anaesthetic for x-rays.” However, if that does not float your boat there is always room in the lab or kennels or even the consulting room, there is something for everyone in nursing – we are not just the vet’s assistant, there is a lot more to us!

If you missed it, check out Becca’s previous post about what the job of a veterinary nurse entails here. Next week her article will cover information about the training pathways available for anyone interested in becoming a veterinary nurse, or just curious to see how much goes into their training.

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