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Skyler’s Story

By February 9, 2024 Greenbay Vet News

Beautiful Skyler was fostered to previous Greenbay owner, Jo Turner, after being rescued by animal charity Many Tears Animal Rescue. It didn’t take long for Jo to fall in love with her and agree to adopt her long term!

Skyler had sadly undergone some kind of trauma before she was rescued, with evidence of old pelvic fractures and a long-term dislocated hip. The best option to give her a pain-free and active life was a total hip replacement.

Pre-op x-ray showing the dislocated left hip and twisted pelvis

The operation was performed by John, with assistance from the hip nursing team – Caz, Claire and Laura Sproul. It was successful and it has been great to see Skyler enjoying getting out and about more as she recovers.

Post-op x-ray

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