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2023 Carbon Audit Results

By January 29, 2024 Greenbay Vet News

Last year we did a carbon audit for the first time.  We recently used the same carbon calculator to calculate our 2023 emissions. Our 2023 footprint was 15.18 Tonnes CO2e, down from 16.47 in 2022. The reduction was mainly due to a reduction in anaesthetic gas usage – although we actually did more anaesthetics in 2023, we have modified our anaesthetic protocols and equipment to reduce gas usage e.g. utilising more local anaesthetic techniques.

While not a perfect solution we do ‘offset’ our emissions and have chosen to support another project in the Amazon rainforest this year.
We also continue to audit our waste production. Much of our waste is classed as ‘clinical waste’, which has to be incinerated for health and safety reasons. However, of our general waste, we are pleased to report we have managed to shift the balance in favour of recycling and now send more for recycling than to general landfill. This has been achieved through team education and increasing the availability of recycling bins throughout the surgeries.

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