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Dougie’s Story

By November 24, 2023 Greenbay Vet News

Meet Dougie, who is a very handsome 3 year old British Shorthair. He first came to us as a kitten when he became poorly. Blood tests at the time showed he had a liver problem, and he gave everyone quite a scare when he started to show some neurological symptoms. Thankfully after being hospitalised and treated he went back to his normal naughty self.

His astute owners brought him back earlier this year as they noticed he was passing very yellow urine and faeces! A physical exam showed he was jaundiced and a blood test revealed he had raised liver values again. After some initial investigations, he underwent laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery to take biopsies of his liver, pancreas and intestines.

He was diagnosed with a rather rare liver problem, Congenital Hepatic Fibrosis, as well as some inflammation of his pancreas and bowels. None of our vets have treated this particular liver condition before, so we contacted a wonderful Specialist, Penny Watson, to get some advice. Penny is an example of one of the fantastic vets who have worked hard over the years and still continue to do research and provide free advice despite being retired from clinical work! She is an example of how many veterinary professionals choose the job as a lifelong career due to their passion for animals and science.

With Penny’s expert advice, Dougie was started on a long course of treatment including a special diet, liver support and antibiotics. Thankfully with Penny’s expert advice, some very dedicated, caring owners and lots of TLC, Dougie has made a fantastic recovery and continues to be his normal happy, cheeky self. Dougie’s condition cannot be cured but can be managed and his wonderful owners will be keeping a close eye on him.

Without the biopsies, we would not have been able to get a correct, definitive diagnosis for Dougie and due to John and Laura’s investment in lots of specialised equipment, we were able to provide the best and least invasive method of obtaining the biopsies. You can read more about our laparoscopic surgeries here.

Jemma Zazzera MRCVS

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