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Parrot Awareness Week

Parrot Awareness Week has been launched in 2023 to promote improving welfare for pet parrot-like birds.

The team behind it have created a range of fantastic articles, which you can find on their website covering:

  • Enrichment. This is the provision of activities that allow animals to perform behaviours naturally seen in the wild. For parrots, this includes foraging for food, chewing and shredding objects, social behaviours, bathing, preening and feather care, flying and playing.
  • Diet and Feeding.
  • UV lighting. Parrots need a source of UV light, which means providing it artificially for birds who are kept indoors.
  • Pet insurance for birds.
  • Preventative health including health checks, hygiene and common household dangers.
  • Finding an avian (bird) vet. Although all vets are trained to provide basic and emergency care to parrots, some have further qualifications and focus on treating birds and/or other exotic pets. At Greenbay Vets Dr Ian Sayers, an RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Zoological Medicine, provides an exotic vet service.

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