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Tips for multi-cat households

By November 1, 2022 Greenbay Vet News
Cats as a species are very independent and are known as solitary survivors. It has become increasingly common to have more than one cat in a household, which can have its challenges. Some may not know that cats will “choose” their social group, those they are happy to interact with, including humans. Some cats will still co-exist with other cats in their household, but choose not to interact with each other as they are not in the same social group.
There are things you can do to help prevent inter-cat tension such as;
🐱Create/offer hiding places for your cats to avoid one another.
🐱Make sure to provide more than one station to eat/drink.
🐱Provide more than one litter tray/toilet station. Some cats may not want to share litter trays, especially if it’s with another cat not belonging to their social group and you may find undesired toileting elsewhere.
🐱A cat tree can help. Having somewhere high up to perch and oversee below, can reduce fear/anxiety.
🐱Pheromone treatment (Feliway).
If you would like more help/advice with this if it’s ringing some alarm bells, please get in touch via email and hopefully we can help.
You can also find out more on the International Cat Care website.

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