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Sustainability Update

In January 2021 we created an official sustainability policy for Greenbay Vets. This is something close to the hearts of the practice owners, and we know also to many of our clients.

We had a number of things already in place:

  • Switching to a green electricity tariff, and to more efficient LED lighting.
  • Recycling paper, tins, plastic, card, glass and batteries.
  • Moving towards paperless e.g. electronic receipts, lab results, pet reminders and insurance claims.
  • Making use of the ‘cycle to work’ scheme.
  • Learning how to help bees via the British Bee Veterinary Association.
  • Using refills, for e.g. hand soap, washing up liquid.
  • Purchasing Fair Trade tea and coffee for the staff room.
  • Re-using towels, newspaper and blankets in our kennels area.

So far this year we have focused on the following areas:

  • Reducing waste -> unsubscribing from unwanted postal magazines/journals/promotions. Requesting electronic invoices from any companies still posting. Re-usable coffee cups purchased for the staff room, for when colleagues purchase take-out coffee.
  • Increasing recycling -> recycling bin added to ‘patient prep/kennels’ area. Reminder to the team of what can be recycled.
  • Reviewed suppliers of stationary, cleaning and catering products. Most paper products were already recycled or FSC approved. Some substitutions made e.g. black bin bags replaced with ‘The Green Sack’ company (made from recycled farm waste plastic), zero-plastic Sellotape.

Small changes, but they all add up!

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