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Guinea Pig Awareness Week – coming soon

By February 23, 2021 Greenbay Vet News

Guinea Pig Awareness Week takes place 22nd-28th March 2021, organised by Burgess Pet Care.

During the week they will be covering the five welfare needs of pet Guinea Pigs:

  1. Diet – for example, did you know Guinea Pigs must have a source of vitamin C in their diet?
  2. Environment – creating a suitable home for your pet, either inside or outside.
  3. Behaviour – what your Guinea Pig is trying to tell you, and how to ensure they can express normal behaviour.
  4. Companionship – the importance of social interaction.
  5. Health – how to do basic health checks on your pet, and what signs of illness to look out for.

Follow their Facebook Page to take part, and learn how to keep your Guinea Pig happy and healthy!

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