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Cat Friendly Clinic Status

By November 2, 2016 Uncategorized

We understand it can be stressful when you have to bring your cat to see us. This is why we are proud to announce that we have been accredited as a Cat Friendly Clinic. Cat Friendly Clinic is an internationally-recognised award. It means that we have met criteria to ensure all the needs of your cat are met. To find out more about what this means to your feline friend, visit www.catfriendlyclinic.org.  We are the only vets in Torbay with this accreditation!

As all of our cat owners know, cats are not small dogs and they have very specific needs. This is why we have worked hard to achieve Cat Friendly Clinic accreditation to reassure our clients that our vets, nurses and reception team understand cats and their requirements.  We have our very own ‘cat advocate’, Claire. Claire is a registered veterinary nurse, who is self-confessed cat crazy and is studying for her ISFM diploma in feline nursing.  Claire is happy to address any concerns you may have about bringing your cat to the vets.

Bringing your cat to see us

A stay in hospital is not something that we humans particularly enjoy – we would rather be in our own homes. It is the same for our cats. So when they do need our help by coming to the clinic, we do as much as we can to make our patients comfortable and stress-free.

For tips about bringing your cat to the vet, including choice of carrier and how to get your cat used to going in a carrier box check out this great ISFM guide. It is important your cat is brought in to us in a secure carrier, so that they can’t escape.  The best type of carrier is one where the top can be opened or lifted off.  If you have to travel with your cat, we recommend the use of Feliway for your cat. Use Feliway to help reduce the stress this may cause by spraying it into your cat’s basket 30 minutes before travelling to help keep your cat calm.

Usually our waiting rooms are very quiet, as we only have one vet consulting at a time. We have separate seating areas, so your cat can be kept away from curious noses.  At our Torquay surgery we even have a couple of ‘cat parking spots’, where their carrier can be placed safely above ground level and from where they can’t even see any dogs in the waiting room!

All of our staff have undergone specific cat friendly handling training.  Due to the size of our team we all get to know our regular patients well and learn how they prefer to be handled.  Some love to explore the consulting room, while others can be gently examined whilst still in the base of their cat box.  Patience is key with cats and one of the benefits of 15 minute appointments is we don’t have to rush our examination.

If a cat is particularly stressed by a procedure, a light sedative can be used to relax them.  This is generally far preferable to trying to persevere without.

We make use of Feliway throughout our surgeries in an effort to reduce stress.

We do also offer home visits when appropriate, please speak to a member of our team for further information.

If your cat has to stay with us

We have a separate room at Torquay, where cats can be housed away from dogs and the hustle and bustle of the surgery.  This room has natural light and is quiet.  We have a variety of foods, beds and cat litter substrates to make sure your cat is as comfortable as possible.  Our ‘cat hide’, which allows cats to sit on top or inside a box is particularly popular!

We have a particularly large unit for cats that have to stay for a few days, and you are welcome to visit your cat during their stay.  Each cat is treated as an individual, with plenty of fuss, play and grooms if this is what they enjoy, or peace and quiet if they prefer to keep themselves to themselves.