Mar 17 2017

Pet safety this Easter season – hide those chocolate eggs!

As Easter approaches, a timely reminder about the dangers of chocolate consumption in pets.  Every year we see at least one unfortunate dog who has consumed a dangerous amount of chocolate. Many won’t think twice about eating the packaging as well!  Dark chocolate is particularly toxic, with a toxic dose of just 1.25g of dark chocolate per kg bodyweight of dog.

Symptoms of chocolate toxicity in dogs usually start within 4 hours of them eating it and can include vomiting, increased drinking/urination, drooling, excitability and high heart rate.  In severe cases it is possible to see seizures and heart or kidney dysfunction.

Make sure you keep Easter eggs well out of your dog’s reach.  If your dog has consumed chocolate, don’t delay in contacting us – prompt treatment can be very effective. We will need to know what type of chocolate they have eaten and how much.

Other spring-time dangers to be aware of are:
Hot cross buns – raisins, currants, sultanas and grapes are potentially toxic to dogs.
Slug bait – this can cause serious problems if a dog ingests the pellets.
Daffodils – the bulbs are the greatest risk, but all parts of the plant are potentially toxic.
Lilies – lilies are highly toxic to cats, even if they simply lick pollen off their paws.


Again, if you know your pet has ingested something they shouldn’t have, don’t delay in seeking advice from us on 01803 606059.


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